Small Update

This post isn’t going to be quite as in depth as usual. My SO and I decided to take up rollerblading in an attempt to get into better shape and have some fun, but on our third time out, I broke my arm. I suppose that’s what I get for trying to be extroverted…

It’s a small crack on the radial head, which the doc said isn’t even worth casting in an adult. In fact, he said this injury can lead to a freezing up of muscle in adults if they don’t use it, so I’ve been instructed to do certain stretches to prevent that. I’m pushing through the pain and doing the stretches, but typing is still pretty painful. So, I’ve decided to post a little update on how marketing is going.

Something I never expected has happened. I’ve grown to like Twitter *gasp*! Somehow, maybe because of the anonymity of having a pen name, the more I’m on there, the better it gets. In Firefly Magic, Lauren Sapala talks about how social media doesn’t have to be a bad thing. She points out that we are the ones who get to decide the environment of our social media, and we can make groups/lists, delete toxic people or comments, and only have to post what we want people to know. I was a little turned off by the hourly in-your-face barrage of “BUY MY BOOK!” and “Download my FREE BOOK!” posts (and even messages) at first, feeling sick at the idea of doing the same to other people when my own work is published, but Firefly has taught me that I don’t have to be that way. I can decide how I do things and people can either buy my work or not.

She is so right! I still need to sit down and make some lists, but I have gotten to follow some amazing people going through the exact things I am, or ones who have been through it already. I ignore politics or news, and unfollowed a person who only posted sleazy crap I didn’t want to see. The crazy part? I didn’t feel guilty!

My book isn’t even out yet, but by sheer virtue of similar interests, I’m steadily gaining a small following of people who just might buy it when it does. I honestly didn’t believe I could do it. In and of myself, I’m not particularly interesting. Lucky for me, there are tons of people who want to follow and support others who work toward the same goal.

Facebook, the one I really thought I’d be the most comfortable with, I don’t care for as much. I need to put more effort into it, I suppose, but I definitely prefer blogging and Twitter.

So, there’s my update and the end of my typing tolerance for the day. Let me know in the comments how your social media adventures are going! Which platforms do you prefer and how do you cultivate your social media environment?


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