The Second Thoughts

As I struggle through editing my novel, I inevitably end up on Twitter. The other day, an article about a lecture given by author V.E. Schwab called “In Search of Doors” popped into my feed. Immediately after reading it, I wanted to know more about this author. (If you’re curious, you can read the article here.)

Who was this person with the guts to confidently and brilliantly say her piece to a crowd that probably wanted to snub her after the first sentence?

I did some reading, and fully plan on buying some of her books when I’m able. However, the thing I noticed that sparked this post was her publisher.

Tor. It is the fiction fantasy giant that made my teenage and young adult life bearable, the name that fueled so many sleepless nights with immersive adventure. At one time, I desperately wanted to publish with them, and only them.

I thought I’d long since abandoned the idea, but seeing that Tor logo with the little mountains on the spine of Schwab’s books…it did something to me.

I am now seriously contemplating an attempt at getting an agent and/or submitting to Tor for a publisher. Still, I’m conflicted. Getting an agent seems to be the bane of a traditional author’s existence, and I’m eager to publish. Even if I was lucky enough to get an agent quickly, the (likely) rejection from Tor would be absolutely soul-crushing.

I suppose the best thing I can do is focus on my edits for now, but this is eating up my thoughts.


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