The Missionary

Is it just me, or do other writers try to convert other people to the craft as well?

Lately, it seems like if I talk to someone who mentions even a brief interest in writing, I get the irrational urge to pull them into the writing world. Part of this is due to seeing people who are without direction or unhappy on their current path. I was there just over a year ago, and even my lowest writing moment has been ten times better than my highest job/career moment before it. I know writing isn’t for everyone, but when an unhappy person shows a glimmer of interest, I can’t resist digging in to see if it might be something deeper.

This has happened with about 4 different people now…

Am I just a crazy, writing obsessed weirdo, or is this a thing?


2 thoughts on “The Missionary

  1. It’s twofold. One the one hand you’re an INFJ who wants to see everyone be the best person they can be. On the other hand, and related, you know intellectually that writing is healthy for everyone, whether they have publication ambitions or not. It really all comes down to you being a caring person and there’s never anything wrong with that.

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