October Week 2

Just a quick update on how my October NoWriMo is going.

So far, things are slower than I’d like. I’ve only gotten through two (almost three) chapters, and I’m grumpy with myself for not doing more. I’m trying to look at it from a writing standpoint, but 6,000 words of a brand new novel is much more difficult than 6,000 of a rewrite should be.

What’s worse? By this exact point in my previous version, I had 6,894 words, whereas now I have 5,778. I’M SUPPOSED TO BE ADDING TO THE MS, NOT CUTTING! Most people go way over their word count and have to cut during revisions. Not me. I was 20,000 words short of where I wanted to be, and now I’m going even lower…

The good news is, I will hopefully make up for that in the added scenes. Also, I converted a big block of text into conversation instead, and hope it’s better than what it was. I’m eager to share that part with the person who will be helping me once the rewrite is done, but need to focus on continuing. My worst fear is that I’m making things worse or cutting good parts, but I’ll have to hold out for feedback.

Here’s to hoping for some productive late nights or early mornings!


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