October’s End

Sooo… I completely missed posting last week…oops. It has been hectic recently. I returned to working for a family member a week or so ago, and although the schedule is relatively flexible, I’m still getting into the swing of things. Add that to personal errands and house cleaning, as well as a few social obligations, and you get a busy week. There’s still quite a bit coming up this week, but I’ve scheduled less so I can work on my rewrite and try to take some time for myself.

I’m embarrassed to say that I need more alone time to recharge than the average person. Although I’ve had tests for misc. causes in the past, nothing has come up that explains my constant exhaustion. I often need the adrenaline of a deadline or emergency to get things done, which worsens my natural tendencies toward procrastination. So, I’m trying to push myself to do more and do better.

Halloween (and my 7 year anniversary) is coming up on Wednesday, which is exciting! My SO and I have been friends for 8 years, dating for 7, and got engaged this year. It will probably be another few years before we’re in a solid enough financial and geographical position to get married (we have to move a lot), but we don’t need a piece of paper to promise each other forever.

As far as my rewrite goes, I finished chapter 5 and started 6. I’m at 11,522 words, which is still about 1,800 words shorter than where I was on the original draft. I think it’s better, though. Cleaner, at the very least.

Here’s to hoping for a MUCH more productive week on the writing front!


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