November Week 1

(I know Nov. technically started last week, but it was only a couple days, so I’m naming this week one.)

Hey everyone.

I hope to post one more time this week, but we’ve had a family emergency and things have been hectic.

I’m up to 17,543 words into my rewrite, which I’m actually happy about. It’s flowing better and has a much more solid presence. The backstory is clearer in my mind, which adds to Xander’s personality and decisions. There is a good conversation section with Aria (side character) that answers some important questions, and I’ve expanded my word count a decent amount.

I need to write my Goodreads review for one of the ARCs I was given, and start on the next one. However, one of my Twitter writer friends just self-published a novel I’ve been dying to read, and I might try to blaze through that before the next ARC. The ARC isn’t due for a review until January, so I’ve got plenty of time.

There are errands to do today, but I hope to jump back into writing this afternoon.

I hope you are all well and have an awesome week!


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