Small Update 5

Hello, everyone!I’ve decided to change my goals for this blog a bit. I’m currently trying to get something up and running in my life, under my real name, that will hopefully make it so I don’t have to go get a “regular” job. My SO will be traveling for work this summer, and I want to be able to go as well, but we need money.

This alternate endeavor is going to take a lot of my energy. So, for the next few months, I’m switching from trying to blog 1-2x per week to 1-2x per month. I know I went down to this over the holidays anyway, but if I change my “rules” then hopefully I won’t feel so guilty.

As of right now, my MS has been placed aside, to be worked on when I’ve got this other thing under better control. Don’t worry. I won’t rest until it’s published. I just need more time.

I hope you’ll all stick around as I figure my way through this thing they call life. Good luck to you on whatever your current project is!


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