The Return

Oh my…I’ve been gone a good while, haven’t I? Before the holidays, I promised myself I wouldn’t do any self-berating if I slacked off on doing my social media. So, without any explanation beyond “It was the holidays,” I’m jumping right into the new year.

I hope you all had good holidays! Mine were good, but the New Year started off rather rocky. My SO’s father is back in the hospital after only one week home. Unfortunately, this has been a common occurance over the last few years, but this one was a doozy (had to look up how to spell that one lol…doozy). We’re crossing our fingers and hoping the year will go up from here.

My manuscript is sitting across the room, staring at me with it’s accusing red ink and paperclipped chapters. It begs for more editing, but I can’t help avoiding it’s gaze in favor of more pressing things. Life whispers dreadful obligations in my ear and I’m forced to listen.

That’s my dramatic way of saying I’ve been too busy to work on editing. Man am I ready to get back to it, though! It’s definitely a love-hate relationship between editing and myself. It will be worth it when my WIP is polished.

I hate to say it, but January marks the end of me being able to focus solely on my writing. My SO has been more than generous over the last year and a half, and now it’s time for me to contribute monitarily. I’ve been working for a family member, but it’s not going to be enough. So, I’ll be looking for other options. I do still plan to keep up on this blog, as well as Twitter.

What do all of you do as a job/career? Do you have a job to support your writing, or have you gotten to the point where your writing supports you? Let me know in the comments!

Anywho, I hope all is well in the land of the blogsphere!


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