Small Update 4

I’m sorry to have been a bit MIA recently, but some family and friend stuff came up that needed my attention.

As for my writing/editing progress, it has also been a bit slow. I’m currently on chapter 24 of 29 in my handwritten edits with the Red Pen of Doom, and hope to jump into retyping soon. It’s been harder than I expected. It’s not a lot of grammatical or technical errors, rather, voluntary wording and necessary plot changes. The hard part of it is the depressing bashing my ego is taking as I read through my MS without the stars in my eyes.

I know this is good experience and has to be done, but I’m itching to get back to the new creation part of writing. I want to dive into research for book two, but I have to finish this awful slog to the finish line of book one, first.

There are several books I’ve been given early access to (for review), which I need to read. The first deadline isn’t until November, but I’d like to get them done before then. The holidays are always complicated, and I don’t want any chance of messing up such cool opportunities. Doing this for these authors opens doors to other authors, and I love this part of being in the writer community.

Anywho, please be patient with me as I work my way through writer and life problems. I’ll try to keep this blog as up to date as possible.

Are any of you struggling with your to-do list or a current WIP?


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